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Post by Splinter on Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:40 am

Just spreading the word here.

A SWBF2 conquest player known as Dream or Stripes has made a community site that has a lot of random, fun things that are being done around it. It's not just centered around SWBF2, it's a multi-gaming community with support for multiple platforms/games. As well as a graphics side with a weekly competition being run by myself. We'd love to have some of you guys over, we plan to run tournaments for games, with the odd things included like a free server for a month. This is also part of the SOTW we run.

The site is: http://dreamdojo.net

It's still in construction somewhat, but drop by and say hi in the forums, participate in the SOTW, help liven the place up! Everyone is welcome.

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