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Post by Riley Freeman on Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:01 pm

Ranks are Legend, Sithlord, Sith, Apprentice, Youngling, and Initiate. (Greatest to least)The ranks are pretty much spoken for. But if any are confuse lol, which I doubt is. If any of you get confuse meanwhile being in the clan and have a question about your rank or how it works don't hesitate to ask.
- Legend is a rank in which a Master has decided that it is his time to step down and for him to retire as a well know GNE member he has become.
- Sithlord is the highest/greatest rank you can achieve in GNE. A "Sithlord" is practically a leader of the clan and has the skills and the knowledge to lead a clan. It is also a member in the clan that everybody looks up to.
- Sith is the second highest/greatest rank you can achieve in GNE. A "Sith" is practically a co-leader in a clan and is second in command. They follow every act a "Sithlord" follows and exceeds it with greatness! A Knight at any time can become a Sithlord. With time and experience they will later follow a Master's footsteps and try to exceed as they're former Master's did.
- Apprentice is the third highest/greatest rank you can achieve in GNE. A "Apprentice" is a student in greatness in the making. He grows and matures himself. He follows his directions and trys to stay at his A-GAME at all times! At the end of his time as an apprentice he has to take an assessment that makes him eligible to become a "Sith".
- Youngling is the fourth highest/greatest rank you can achieve. It's basically when you really start off in GNE. You go through trainings and scenarios to prove your loyaltly to the clan. And with time you grow and make friends in the clan.
- Initiate is the rank you start off with when you join GNE. You get a month probation to see if you can dedicate yourself to the clan. You are a newborn and you either exceed expectations or you don't make it in. Over the time period as a Initiate the clan as a whole watches your progress. After the month we decide if you are fully in or not.

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