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Post by Riley Freeman on Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:43 pm

GNE was founded February 2, 2014. The founder of the clan was myself, Riley Freeman! We are here to bring competition and make friends along the way. We play for fun and acknowledge every individual! We don't strive to be better than any competitors out there, but we do strive to become a great clan! Trying to gain and show respect to others.

Our motto is "Greatness starts from small beginnings".
As for ranks, our ranks would be Legend, Sithlord, Sith, Apprentice, Youngling, and Initiate. (Greatest to least)  

We are looking forward to moving on to PS3 and PS4. We will be playing many games on that sector. Later the ranks will change. But for now they are how they are.

That is basically everything you need to know about us. We aren't really spokesmen so I can't write you a paper of what we plan on doing and what we want to accomplish as a clan. That is only for us to know and you to find out. Hopefully later on this trip we are taking everyone can see what we have done as a clan.

Long live GNE!

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