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- Riley Freeman

- Mimmi/Donificent

- Naga/PrayNPlay

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Recently the council has decided to reward, Youngling Naga for his dedication and for getting them wins on the record. He has done a lot to contribute to the clan and is indeed becoming a legend of the great clan "GNE". Forces around the galaxy are trembling to GNE and yet we have a lot to accomplish. Rivalries around the galaxy have begun between our brethren and enemies out there. GNE Rated & JOG Eruption have made an alliance for a all out bash from the community. Will they make it or will they get crushed?

Recruit Obsolete has had a rough path while in GNE, he has now lost his old reliable friend, Splinter. Now with a new force called, "Legends" will we destroy them like the rest or will they prove their worthiness.

JOG has been brought down with the GNE forces, both sides on the tide and yet GNE seems not to back down. The Sith is overpowering the Force and it seems that JOG has come to the conclusion that they need more forces. But doubt us not, because the Sithlord Mimmi has yet to unleash. Overcoming the obstacle of the "new change" has just been an awakening to the Sithlord.

Apprentice Trinity and Sithlord Riley Freeman have been causing havoc all around the galaxy. With there unstoppable duo who will bring them down? Forces continue to fall by these two and glory is in the tip of their tongues. Will Greatness Nothing Else become the GREASTEST to grace the game or will they fall and vanish like the rest?


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